Back to blogging.  Many new topics to discuss in this New Year, not the least is support for our President Trump.  Also, Low Carb way of eating, KETO lifestyle and health in general.  I still have an avid interest in crime stats and the terrible happenings in Europe due to the influx of “refugees.”

More to come.

I’m really getting irritated that people are trying to reset my password to take over my blog.  I may not use it often, but it’s MINE, so move the heck on.

Second time in 4 years. The economy is just great still, isn’t it? That’s all I can muster to say at the moment.

So, “Bird”, my 18 year old white-faced cockatiel was roaming around his perch this afternoon when I noticed something shine when the sun hit his beak. That’s not ‘sposed to happen. I grabbed bird around the body – which he hates of course – and took a closer look. O… M… G. A staple. A big ass staple going from the bottom beak to the chin. Husband was working on the dish network at the time and just happened to have a needle-nose plier handy. We determined that the staple was not attached to the skin outside the lower beak, but was impaled inside the lower beak. He used the needle-nose to straighten and release the staple from said lower beak. Husband did notice a spot of blood inside the bottom jaw/beak area. I’ve made an appointment with the Bird Doc tomorrow afternoon for a quick visit and possible antibiotic treatment if deemed necessary.

Note: Birds like to chew on, well, everything, especially paper products and I’m always quick to oblige bird to make him happy! If you don’t make him happy he squawks LOUD. I’m trying to think… maybe he got a hold of an advertisement that comes staples together? I dunno. But, I’m going to try to be a bit more on top of things. Did I mention I have 3 birds? Hard to stay on top of things!

By reading many blogs and websites, I found out many people feel fine physically except for minor aches and pains.  Most even feel good emotionally – having come to grips with their lot in life and have decided that’s the way they are and that’s fine, while others deal with real issues of depression and a constant battle to find motivation, lose weight or drop an addiction.


Since I began taking Armour Thyroid and reading a TON of information online and purchasing the book with the same title as, I’ve learned so much about myself, my symptoms and how I’m not alone, not crazy and finally I’m able to break through and see some light through my depressed and moody tunnel.

If you think there is more to your depression, weight gain/weight loss, and general bad mood, do yourself a favor and start searching the web for information on Hypothyroid and Adrenal Fatigue symptoms, get yourself a good nurse practitioner or doctor that specializes in these problems and get on track to feel great again!

Our friends in Gilroy had a parrot that they just loved but, they “wanted” to be rid of it.  (Apparently it was a pain in the ass, but who is going to say that while trying to get rid of a critter?)  My hub thought “beautiful bird, nice bird, likes me”.  I said “no.”  For his birthday a few months later, however, I broke down my guard and got him a lovely, baby, hand-raised, white-faced male cockatiel.  “Bird” (best name we could come up with at the time).  Bird is 18 this year.  Bird has been lots of fun, terror, scary moments, oh yeah, fun, umm messy, 2-year-old that never grows up, healthy! (which I hear is a plus for white-faced), just your average pain in the ass, makes too much noise… pet bird.  Talks like crazy.  Loves me, loves our other pets.  Because I’ve done research and talked with avian veterianarians and all, I feed Bird right.  Because Bird gets all the necessary pelleted nutrition, he could easily live to be… 25-30.  What am I to do?  Start feeding him only seed like most un-educated bird owners (parakeets, budgies, cockatiels)?  He will die of malnutrition in less than a year!  Of course I won’t do that.  I loves my “Bird”.

Part II – Parakeet (Budgie) added to the “flock” (to be continued)

So I’ve just run out of my Tiers (1-4) of unemployment in California. I now begin FED-ED which is…umm… ah… an extension again of some sort of Federal unemployment(?) Okay I don’t get all the figa-ma-roh, but it comes next. When you begin the FED-ED portion you “have” to fill out the “C” section on the back of your claim form. This rule says you must apply for 3 jobs per week. Which means of course that you must apply for at least 6 jobs for every two week check you continue to receive from the Federal government.

For my first “FED-ED” claim form I had over 16 jobs to choose from to place on my form because that is how many jobs I applied for during the stated time period. I have been applying for anywhere from 4 to 16 jobs per week for over the last year or more. Needless to say, I’ve been looking for work.

The forms the EDD sends out are the same forms I received back in… say… 1982 or so:

Date applied: Ok, can do.
Company name: Um, rarely offered by Career Builder or Monster or Craigslist
Compandy address: Um, see above
Person contacted: They don’t give you a name! Okay, maybe 3 out of 5, not availabe via the forementioned sites, no, thats 1 out of 5 reality
Type of work: not a problem

Okay – 1 out of 5 on Career Builder will say, “Thank you for your application!” blah blah

That’s it.

I’ve applied to over 200 jobs in the last 18 months – easy. Probably more if I keep a digging. Point is, now that I’m on the FED-ED I have to “state” my employment job search. I just wish I could go back 16 months and let them know all I’ve done.

I have good – no, great skills for what I do. I’m optimistic that the “perfect” job is just ’round the corner.

Time is running out.

Yeah.  Unemployed since August 7, 2009.  Husband unemployed since August 31, 2009.  We joined the “ranks” of unemployed 17 months ago now.  I’ve been looking for and applying to Admin-type jobs for 16 months with little to no success.  My mother passed away on August 25 of 2009 so although I was “looking for work” I was able to take some time to clear out her home, grieve somewhat and basically try to get my shit together.  Some say the “timing was good”.  Is that what it is?  When your mother passes away at the young age of 69 – just 2 weeks after you get laid from a job you loved – is that good timing?  Just 2 weeks before your husband gets laid off?  Well, “yes”, some say, because it “gave us time” to do what “needs to be done” in those circumstances without the “worry of work” hanging over our head.   Ok.  Whatever.

Grieving never aside, I still need a job.  A great job actually.  One like I had, that I really enjoyed at the California DOJ.  I was a contractor so not a State employee.   I even re-applied at SRA – that’s how desperate I’ve been to get back to full time work and medical benefits.

Husband, Bob, also needs an excellent job because he has excellent skills!  He was working in the Silicon Valley for the last 11 years since we moved to the Sacramento area.  Why was he still in Silicon Valley?  Duh.  Salaries are twice as high, literally, for what he does.  The problem was that he had to live there monday through friday, and came home on weekends to be with me and his son.  That sucked.  We will be married 25 years in August 2011, but we’ve only actually “lived full time” together for 14 years.  We don’t want to do that again.  However, if the job market for IT remains stagnant as time moves on, his only option for keeping our home in the Sacramento Valley may be to take a job opportunity, again,  in the Silicon Valley!  Ugh!  NO!  We want to support the economy here in ther northern Sacramento area.  We are both willing to work and be responsible, an integral support system to our community.  We will keep on keeping on til that happens!

I just love it.


I don’t think this story should linger on ANY blog, but there has been no worthwhile updates.  I already thought “daddy dearest” was at fault here and this proves the theory.  Asshole.  Unless a new unsub comes along(?)

Let’s all pray for their safe return – believe in a God or not. Seriously.